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Authorized Dealers

Unauthorized Dealers and Warranties

Well Traveled Living’s (“WTL”) branded products, Fire Sense, Patio Sense, Balkene Home and Prime Pellet Grills, are sold in the United States through a network of authorized dealers. These authorized dealers have been approved by WTL after meeting certain requirements. 

The benefits of purchasing WTL products directly from WTL or from one of our authorized dealers are that you are guaranteed to be purchasing authentic WTL products and you gain the full benefit of WTL’s product warranty. WTL does not extend this warranty to products purchased from unauthorized dealers.

WTL products are sometimes sold by companies that are not authorized dealers. Due to the nature of the goods sold by unauthorized dealers and their business practices, products sold by unauthorized dealers are not entitled to WTL warranty coverage. We continually employ our best efforts to prohibit these companies from selling our products. However, despite our best efforts, many unauthorized dealers continue to attempt to sell our products.

Amazon, and other national retailers are Authorized Dealers of WTL products. However, no reseller on these platforms is an authorized dealer. Please check and make sure that you are purchasing our products directly from Amazon, Walmart, etc.  In the case of Amazon, the product listing will say “Shipped and Sold by Amazon.” If this is not stated, then you are purchasing from an unauthorized dealer and as such, you will be purchasing a product that will not carry the WTL warranty.

To date we have identified the following companies who are listing or have attempted to sell WTL products, but are not Authorized Dealers:

123 Stores Fitness & Funtimes Random and Beyond
Abdallah Abualgasim Fresh Class Store Recon Industries
Aegle Digital Pte Ltd. Golden Glove Products Red Sand, LLC
Agape Trinity Goodbye Retail Riverbend Wholesale
Ali Cavern Gor Tex Rocc Products, LLC
All About You, LLC Haight and Ashbury RV & Auto Parts
Amazin Discounts Handy Manny Deals Scepter Marketing
AOindustries Hearthshire Seahawk Supply
Apex Ventures Hollywoodsales Shop Wiser
Aruzu Home Supply Market SJK Products, Inc.
Auto Parts Way Horizon Team Sky-Collection Baja
Aviato I&S Merchandise, LLC Skyland World LLC
Aza Wholesale Distributors Ideal Store, Inc. Soleless Entertainment
AZterisk Imperial Sales VB Soul Sales, LLC
AZterisk Jaxlin, LLC Stapishgroup, LLC
B Line Supply JH Sales Stellar Choice
Bargain Ben JR Online Sales, LLC StepTip
BBS United JRL, LLC Stocks and Restocks
Billion Bargin Bin JscoBooth Sunlight Star, LLC
Blackstream Treasures, LLC JSeCom, Inc. Super Sourcing
Blissful Marketing KasonT Products Direct Sure Trading
BSC Industrial Supply Kavo Sales Synergy, Inc.
Buy Topia Kentment Store T&G Supplies Warehouse
BYL Solutions, Inc. LikeGift T.D. Ecommerce Solutions, LLC
C&C Global Enterprises, LLC LikeGift Store Tcelectronics
C&S, LLC Lionel Store Testoree
Cardinal Connections, LLC Markertplace Deals The Daily Deal Depot
Casual Trade, LLC Market Sky, LLC The Deal Busters Store
CB Sales, LLC Marna Living The Shopping Place
Cherry Cookies Merchankoo, LLC The Toussanit 1d Enterprise
Click Back Home Metrogoods USA, LLC TLH Commerce
Cosmetic Mall MFW Goods, LLC TM Business Group
Data Alchemy, LLC Miller Wholesale, Inc. ToysOnline
Davata MLTN Enterprise, LLC TQW
Deal Genius, LLC MLTN Warehouse Trader Chuck’s, LLC
Deal Source Warehouse Moondance Catalog Triplenet Pricing, Inc.
Dealsupply MoreThanRubies TTN Family, Inc.
Design-Tactics, LLC Multitude Value Project Unbeatable Sale
Diamond Home USA Nordyy Uncommon TreasureAZ
Dimitris Mega Store Nu Mercy, LLC Under The Sun Deals
Direct Smart Shipping One Click Emporium Vir Ventures, Inc.
Direct Smart Shipping One Duplicator Walking On Sunshine
Dynamic Solutions, Inc. Online Supply Center Wants Words, LLC
EJloveshopping Pan Am Market Warnerlaine Supply, LLC
Ella’s Superstore PBnJ Pick Buy Enjoy Water Works Products
EMC2’D Toys Point and Ship We Love Our Clients
Enigma Sales 1 Power Enterprises KC WeLOC, Inc.
ENS Official Products Power Enterprises, Inc. Wisechoice Company
Epic Buys Prestige Collection, LLC Wisechoice Store
Ethical Store Prime Shipping Fast Your Home Outlet
Evehut, LLC PVille Commerce Zany
Exotic Elements Quality Bargain & Goods Ziggy’s Home and Garden
Fargo, Inc. Quality Bargins & Goods