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Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

Deluxe Patio Heater Pilot Assembly Replacement
Click above link to download PDF of instructions.

Problem: My patio heater does not work at all.

Solution: Make sure the propane tank has plenty of propane. A low level of propane will not allow for the propane/oxygen combination to light the flame. If you purchased a new propane tank, you will want to make sure that it is filled prior to use.

Solution: Check the regulator to be sure propane is coming through. You can do this by leaving only the regulator attached to the propane tank and turn on the gas. You will be able to hear propane coming through the regulator.

Solution: If the regulator is working, re-attach the burner assembly and allow plenty of time for the gas to purge the air from the gas line. This can take from three to five minutes, depending on the model. Once you are sure gas has reached the burner, press the igniter button repeatedly until the burner ignites.

Problem: Patio heater will not stay lit.

Solution: When a new patio heater will not stay lit, it may have been damaged in shipping. Please contact our customer support center immediately for replacement parts.

Solution: When an older patio heater will not stay lit, it often times means the thermocouple has failed. Replacement thermocouples are available for purchase for most units.

Problem: Propane tank is freezing.

Solution: There is a leak at the propane tank/regulator connection. Make sure the regulator is attached securely to the propane tank.

Problem: The flame is inconsistent or making crackling noises.

Solution: Bugs may have nested in the burner holes and you may need to clear out the burner using compressed air or pipe cleaners.

Problem: My new patio heater is smoking.

Solution: Smoke during the first 30 minutes of use is normal as the oils used in the manufacturing process burn off. This will stop after a short period of time.