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Transform Your Outdoor Space Elegantly
Patio fireplaces are an excellent way for relaxing in front of the fire and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. The best solution for a cold evening. They are a great source of heat and add a perfect visual element to your outdoor living space, backyard, garden, courtyard, terrace, pool deck or patio. Patio fireplaces are an easy way to add warmth to the chilling winters. Luxury fireplaces are often considered an element of class and elegance and invite friends, family and guests to gather for social interaction, whether it is for casual conversation or roasting marshmallows, or just to sooth the soul.

Patio Fireplaces Continue to Gain Popularity in Outdoor Spaces
The warmth of the fire adds an element of coziness to any outdoor setting. Some pieces give a romantic ambience as the glow of the flickering flame entices couples to sit, relax and enjoy the mesmerizing flame. Outdoor fireplaces are simple to use and easy to clean. Propane fueled models do not require wood and thus, eliminate the hassles of traditional outdoor fires. They only require a simple on and off.

Easy To Relocate Fireplaces
Fire Sense offers versatile and portable outdoor fireplaces for sale, which are made from weather resistant materials and add a classy touch to your outdoor private space or outdoor entertainment area. These fireplaces can be placed on your pool deck for a magical evening or night-time swim with your friends. They always add a compelling focal point to the space. 

Real Wood Fire
Fire Sense fireplaces burn real wood. There is nothing more relaxing than the crackle of a real wood fire. The flickering flame of a real wood fire is unmistakable.  Additionally, the smell of a real wood fire is irreplaceable. So, enjoy the warmth and inviting ambience of the flames from these real wood fireplaces.